Unique By Nature
A history of community radio in the Allegheny Highlands

Episode 2 - The Flood

WVMR's early days and the natural disaster that cemented it's role in the community.

Episode Notes

Content warning: This episode contains descriptions of a natural disaster and references the death and destruction it caused.

Episode 3 - The Expansion

WVMR becomes the Allegheny Mountain Radio Network with an expansion into Bath and Highland County, Virginia.

Episode Notes

Note: A correction has been made from the original upload - AM stands for "Amplitude Modulation." This is reflected in the current audio! Thank you!

Episode 4 - Today, Looking Forward

The finale of our series! Current staff and volunteers reflect on the past, present, and future of Allegheny Mountain Radio.

Episode Notes

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WVMR hit the airwaves on July 9th, 1981 as a lone AM community station in the National Radio Quiet Zone. 40 years later, Allegheny Mountain Radio has grown into a network that spans Pocahontas (WV), Highland, and Bath (VA) counties – straddling the West Virginia-Virginia Border and continues to provide hyper-local news and music programming to the Allegheny Highlands. Unique By Nature is a limited podcast series which explores the establishment and development of Allegheny Mountain Radio. While our goal is to celebrate the history of our station, we are also hoping to ask (and maybe answer) some big questions about the nature of community media. Unique By Nature is produced by Allegheny Mountain Radio